iPod nano (schon wieder) mit Kratzern?

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Glaubt man einem aktuellen Bericht bei MACNOTES.DE und den entsprechenden Schnappschüssen, ist der neue iPod nano äusserst anfällig auf Kratzer…

… genauso wie schon die erste iPod nano-Generation, zu der Walter Mossberg vom Wall Street Journal vor knapp zwei Jahren beispielsweise folgendes verlauten liess:

Based on my own experience of about a month with the product, and emails I’ve received from readers, I believe the tiny, thin iPod nano is much more prone to scratching than earlier iPods, even though they, too, picked up scratches.


But, after just under a month of daily use, my own nano is badly scratched, and looks beat up when viewed at an angle. Worse, there are several large scratches across the screen that impede functionality by making text and photos slightly harder to see. I have never tested or owned any portable electronic device that picked up as many scratches as quickly as the iPod nano.


Hat Apple aus der Kratzempfindlichkeit der ersten iPod nano-Generation etwa keine Lehren gezogen? 🙄

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